Digital journeys

  • What are the main touch points in customer journey across different product categories? 
  • How is the user experience and ease of navigation? 
  • What is the degree of adoption of digital at different touch points?
  • What are the KPC for adopting digital as compared to traditional options?
  • Which products / categories do they prefer purchasing online and why?
  • How does the digital banking journey differ from the traditional journey?
  • What are the specific pain points and areas for improvement? 
  • What is the level of satisfaction on different touch points during the digital journey?

Relevant Case Studies

  • Customer behavior assessment of tele-consultation users in metro and tier 1 cities
  • Mapping digital journey for Insurance player
  • Understand digital journey and pain points associated towards digital adoption
  • Technology due-diligence on a SEA-based EdTech player
  • Digital customer journey mapping for a leading perishable (online meat) food brand 
  • Customer journey with digital gold loan player
  • Mapping digital journey for fintech player
  • Mapping online drug purchase process and estimating NPS for chronic disease patients
  • Assess customer behavior through the online food ordering journey across platforms
  • Assess online learning behaviour of students in Metro and Tier 1 cities
  • Customer journey mapping for booking a hotel stay
  • Digital journey and aggregator behaviour research for an exchange tractor platform

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