Retention and Churn Analysis

  • What are the customer requirements which the company’s product serve?
  • How does the product fare on key metrics such as monthly churn rate, annual churn rate etc?
  • How much of the churn is due to controllable vs. uncontrollable factors?
  • What is the customer re-activation rate? Do some customers return after they have churned out?
  • What is the product’s Customer Health Score and Customer Engagement score? 
  • Is the product facing involuntary churn (subscription getting terminated without customer’s awareness)? 
  • What is the current customer churn rate and how does it compare with industry standards?
  • Is the pricing model aligned with the value customers realize from the product?

              Relevant Case Studies

              • Customer survey to understand the reason behind the rejection of a newly launched passenger vehicle model, and ways to mitigate the rejection and improve customer acceptance
              • Realization improvement for a major online restaurant booking player
              • Due diligence on Educational services player
              • Large SaaS Co wanted to assess L1 & L2 churn drivers that are causing their clients to opt for services / products from competitors
              • Opportunity analysis in customer personas and identifying their preferences for short video apps
              • Concept validation for new product launch by digital lender providing media services
              • Customer digital journey on exploring the platform
              • Estimating loyalty and causes for churn
              • Evaluate customer behaviour, churn reasons and NPS for a leading FoodTech player
              • Understanding customer retention and churn analysis
              • Understanding pain points of customers of short video apps and hidden nuances while selling such a service
              • User survey for change in app usage and new users onboarded on the app
              • Understanding customer retention on an online job portal
              • Understanding customer retention rate of new & used car platform
              • Evaluate reasons for repeat usage behaviour and churn reasons for a leading K12 learning player
              • Customer purchase behavior and feedback survey for D2C consumer durables company

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